CyberBW 2023

Date: October 25, 2023

A competition that addresses the cybersecurity skills gap in Botswana

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Cybersecurity is for Everyone





We aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a secure digital landscape. We are dedicated to providing accessible resources and hands-on experiences that bridge the knowledge gap and equip aspiring professionals with the expertise needed to combat evolving cyber threats.  Our hope is that this platform helps in the discovery and development of the next generation of cybersecurity talents in Africa. 

Learn Cybersecurity

Learning cybersecurity is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills to protect computer systems, networks, and digital assets from various threats and vulnerabilities. In today’s interconnected world, where data and information play a crucial role in business, government, and personal life, cybersecurity has become essential to safeguard sensitive information and maintain the integrity and availability of digital resources. Through this journey, you will be exposed to various concepts of cybersecurity including Security Operation Center (SOC). SOC analyst plays a pivotal role in safeguarding organisation’s digital assets and sensitive information.

Role to Offensive Security

Offensive security, often referred to as ethical hacking or penetration testing, is a cybersecurity discipline that focuses on actively probing and testing computer systems, networks, and applications with the intent of identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The primary objective of offensive security is to find and address security flaws before malicious hackers can exploit them, thereby strengthening an organization’s overall security posture. This path provides hands-on experience with basic offensive security techniques, tools, and procedures in a dedicated lab environment. 

Upcoming Events

The CyberBW CTF competition will be hosted in two weeks. This excited competition is for complete beginners. Come hang out with us in a fun, friendly, and learning enviroment, network and build connections with like-minded people. 

Competition Prizes
1st Place
  • Prize Money P1,000
  • Place on the annual International cybersecurity competition learn more about the competition at
  • Free access to three months training in Network and Cloud Security from Serianu learn more about Serianu at
2nd Place 
  • Prize Money P500
  • Free access to three months training in Network and Cloud Security from Serianu learn more about Serianu at

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